I will do 2 of your sites if you can do my 2 credit site!!!

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25-08-2008 17:34:25

Indeed I am new at this site but I am very experienced at freebie sites and trading ...Simple referral for referral trade... for me offering cash is just not working so trading is the most effective way to earn referrals

I can trade almost any site!!! Two of your sites for one 2 credit site

(2 credit) http//120.rocketbills.com ( This site is my main site...I have had referrals green for this site so quickly for this 2 credit site, it is easy and you can submit support tickets and credit request and you will be credited because they are in control of their crediting which is good!!!

PM please if you are interested!!!

Thank you


26-08-2008 21:26:43

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30-08-2008 11:58:56

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30-08-2008 12:19:02

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