RewardzNetwork iPhone and iPod, possibly others

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Demonic DJ

22-08-2008 13:32:44

Hey guys. I want to get my first free item from one of these sites. I haven't had good luck with any of them yet as I cant get enough referrals. So I was hoping I could get help here. I am looking at one network and two sites. It is the RewardzNetwork and I am looking at iPod and iPhone. I am also looking at other sites so if you want to know them just PM me and I can tell you. I will sign up at your site and try to go green. I am still a noob at this so I will try my best. I don't want to give my credit card information until I get enough referrals to go green because I don't want to just throw around personal info. So if you could pm me or post here if you are interested I would greatly appreciate it. I only need 5 referrals for the iPhone and iPod RewardzNetwork sites. I want to get an iPhone 3G and an 8GB Black iPod Nano. If I could get 8 referrals for the iPhone site then I will because I would much prefer a 16GB iPhone.

Demonic DJ

P.S. Could a mod or admin change my name to DJ McG please?