Referral for Referral -Need two greens on ipods.zipnadazilch

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15-08-2008 19:17:44

Looking to go green for green. I need 2 referrals for I can do any zipnadazilch sites except the ipod one. I have done most Trainn sites and freepay. I have done a little of the other networks also. If you are interested typical trade rules apply and I green fast. Thanks for looking.


15-08-2008 19:40:31

If you haven't dont (trainn) then PM me. I will green for you after you green for me. I green same day.


15-08-2008 20:10:22

already done that one, but even if I hadn't you would have to green first. If you can't follow the trading rules please don't post. Thanks for asking.