i need 8 referrals for yourfreeistuff

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01-08-2008 08:16:40

i need 8 referrals and will trade on trade sites contact me on aim

i kno i dn't have any itr's yet but i will go through with almost every trade very trusted


01-08-2008 14:09:31

ill complete a offer if you complete an offer for me im only doing trainn sites at the moment you can do my yourfreeistuff and ill do your link contact me
Aim= Hellmatetj
Yahoo= Hellmatexx


17-08-2008 12:37:47

I need refs for yourfreevideoipods.com if you haven't done this one yet PM me. You can green for me and I will do the same in return.


17-08-2008 12:45:25

if you will go through with trades and are very trusted then why is it you stopped communicating with me after you asked me to go first and I said it didn't work that way since my TR is high and you have none?

I can do your Istuff but you MUST go first for me. I need 3604free.com