looking for G4G - youripodtouch4free - can do most sites

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23-07-2008 21:32:08

I'm looking for just a couple trades for my youripodtouch4free.com site. I know I don't have any TR, but I'm a good, honest guy, and I WILL follow through with any trade.


23-07-2008 22:23:49

Yep. He's my friend and he's an honest person. I'm sure you can get a smooth trade out of him. ;)


28-07-2008 07:45:52

ya i might be interested my site is premiumipods.megafreebie.com


01-08-2008 14:10:17

ill complete a offer if you complete an offer for me im only doing trainn sites at the moment you can do my yourfreeistuff and ill do your link contact me
Aim= Hellmatetj
Yahoo= Hellmatexx