G4G @ laptops.git-r-free - can do ANY other site 14 refs

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16-07-2008 07:12:52

I need 14 referrals for laptops.git-r-free.

I can do any site you need, haven't done any yet. There are plenty of free offers and really really cheap ones.


16-07-2008 09:19:31

Hey man i'll trade with you can u do yourfreeistuff.com its a really easy 1 credit trainn site let me know if u want to trade thanks!


01-08-2008 14:13:04

ill complete a offer if you complete an offer for me im only doing trainn sites at the moment you can do my yourfreeistuff and ill do your link contact me
Aim= Hellmatetj
Yahoo= Hellmatexx


15-08-2008 10:47:41

If you green for me I will in return. PM me for link.