Looking for referrals on ipod.freepay.com .....

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15-07-2008 00:37:56

[id43706857e]Hey everyone, this is my first time on any site like this, and freepay for that matter.

I am looking for at least 5 people to give me at least 1 green on ipod.freepay.com

I dont believe this sites to work, but I do at the same time because sites like (FiGF) this are here.

if anyone can help me out please pm me. I will do a 11 trade on referal / credit completion, especially if no-cc is required![/id43706857e]

and for canada, what are some of the best free sites ie, for ipods, psp consoles, etc, etc.


(If you pm me for my ref link, please give me yours as well, and I will return mine and will at the same time tell you what my email is so you know that I did it, or we can talk on msn / aim to arrange something)



15-07-2008 10:31:29

lililooking to trade with someone with a good TR, that way I can start getting mine up!

hit me up on AIM or PM on here...

my AIM s/n is LiquidC3ll


16-07-2008 08:58:36

Interested ;-) send PM


17-07-2008 19:12:59

I'm interested too.

Send me a pm!


01-08-2008 14:11:38

ill complete a offer if you complete an offer for me im only doing trainn sites at the moment you can do my yourfreeistuff and ill do your link contact me
Aim= Hellmatetj
Yahoo= Hellmatexx