Need Trainns iStuff - Can do Trainns GiftCards & Camer

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09-07-2008 09:48:53

Like the title says...

[ba21bc8fcce]I need YourFreeiStuff

I can do Trainns GiftCard site the NEW Cameras site and [/ba21bc8fcce][/sizea21bc8fcce][/colora21bc8fcce]

I am not interested in completing other sites right now.

Green for Green. Standard TR rules apply

PM me if interested.


23-07-2008 07:05:14



01-08-2008 14:10:41

ill complete a offer if you complete an offer for me im only doing trainn sites at the moment you can do my yourfreeistuff and ill do your link contact me
Aim= Hellmatetj
Yahoo= Hellmatexx


14-08-2008 14:51:53

Bump. People ya gotta PM me. I don't check this forum everyday, but if ya PM me, I'll get an email instantly...

Still looking for a trade.


18-09-2008 11:46:26

Bump, I added a new site that I can do now.


23-12-2008 11:44:55

Bump. Does nobody do Ref 4 Ref anymore??