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Demonic DJ

07-07-2008 16:17:11

I am willing to sign up at your website if you go green on mine. I am a beginner and I cannot guarantee that i will go green as I am still kinda noobish. I havent gotten anything from any of these sites, and last time I tried with I didnt make the deadline, and I only got 1 green in the 120 days or whatever it was. So I am trying again. But this time I was hoping I could get help from you guys and people from other forums from which I visit. So if you could please help me out, if you leave your email, referal link, and sign up at one of my sites (or all of them that you want D) then I will try to sign up for you. If you leave a couple sites I will try to sign up at one that I havent already signed up at. And I will try to sign up at as many as possible.

So all of my links are located here [i2b876aa01d]Pssst... read the rules. ;) --- J4320[/color2b876aa01d][/i2b876aa01d]

If it is not listed there I havenot signed up there, the ones that say coming soon I have not signed up at either.

If this kind of post is not allowed please delete it.

Demonic DJ

P.S. If a mod or admin could change my username to DJ McG I would greatly appreciate it!


07-07-2008 16:35:23

Ummm... be sure to read the rules. You don't link to your referral links or post them. Other than that, users are quite helpful on here. You can PM me or another mod for help if you need it too. )

Demonic DJ

07-07-2008 19:52:13

Ok, I'm sorry, I will read them.