I will do 2 remaining trainn sites 4 your green on yff

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=76312


28-06-2008 08:10:22

I will green on yourfreevideoipods.com or the flashipod trainn sites if you green on my trainn site... yourfreeflatscreens.com I may also accept cash, but probably would rather take the trade, please pm me if your interested. I also need refs on phones.zeropricetags if you want to trade with that. Thanks!


28-06-2008 08:27:32

phones.zeropricetags.com seems to be down?


28-06-2008 08:36:32

I can use the green on videoipods... send me a pm!! ) I can still do the flatscreen site!!


28-06-2008 09:04:06

Ok, I sent you a pm back, as well as an IM on AIM. Please reply to either. Thanks!~


29-06-2008 00:50:39

Hi, need a green on FlashiPods4free. PM me if interested. Didn't meet u online on AIM or IM.

Thanks, Ady