360Elite4Free Referral 4 Referral

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25-06-2008 14:26:28

Hello. I am looking for 4 more referrals on my 360Elite4Free account. The only sites I can not do are listed below. I'm not looking to spend more than 5 to 10 dollars on any one referral. I prefer experienced traders, but I will trade with anyone. Feel free to post or send me a PM if interested. Let me know.

Sites I'm already working

http//www.360Elite4free.com/goods/14221843.png[" alt=""/img634d62d96a]

Edit Scratch the sites I've already done. I just found out from Alan in another thread that as long as I haven't gone green I can scrap the account and sign up again. So I can go green ANYWHERE.


17-08-2008 12:41:55

I need refs for yourfreevideoipods.com so if you are interested PM me. I can do 360elite. You green for me and I will green the same day in return.