A GREEN Bonanza! Next Few Days Only...G4G Plus 10 bucks !!!!

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19-06-2008 22:03:10

I NEED Greens badly on these sites. Looking to complete by this weekend. Will do G4G AND will pay $10 on top of every green until I get these done.
First come first serve.

So if you're looking to get a green and make a little gas money on top...this is it!

Sites I need

http//www.freebiemonster.net/offers.php need 3 refs
http//cash.freeforallmankind.com/offers.php need 3 refs
http//www.youripodtouch4free.com/offers.php need 6 refs
http//www.polomonster.net/offers.php need 3 refs

http//bose.v-bux.com lililiSpecial Note will pay $20 per green on this site and you will still get G4G ... need 10 refs!

More sites available if these don't work for you. Just ask!


20-06-2008 00:53:17

Hey, I can do PoloMonster if you can do http//paypal.zipnadazilch.com/index.php
also, if you will do http//www.freebies4me.net/index.php I can green for you on http//bose.v-bux.com
If neither of my sites work for you, I have others.

AIM - Golieth
email= - email=CWJ0013@gmail.comCWJ0013@gmail.com - email=CWJ0013@gmail.comCWJ0013@gmail.com/email

either repost here or use above methods, I'm out of PMs and can't contact you back


27-06-2008 13:53:00

I can do http//www.freebiemonster.net/ for http//www.iphone.givafree.com

and http//cash.freeforallmankind.com/ for http//www.cams.givafree.com


27-06-2008 17:05:30

If you can do yourfreevideoipods, I can do any of yours


27-06-2008 17:27:56

I sent u a pm you cant resist. Pm me or AIM to get me the fastest


27-06-2008 18:32:42

I can do any of your listed sites except Cash.FFMAK... PM when u wonna get started...


29-06-2008 11:30:26

Jmrfz9, sorry I can't do that one. PM me if you have other sites you need done.