Anyone need a ref for sony.vbux

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16-06-2008 23:07:38

So Kiddney from here screwed me over and i contacted vbux and they said i can transfer my refferal to someone else if i would like. So if anyone wants my ref i would be willing to swap it over for a ref for 360elite for me


17-06-2008 08:49:00

My cousin can do this site for you. He wants a xBox. I will pm u after I confirm with him. Is it oka?


18-06-2008 13:12:38



23-06-2008 10:42:37

TTT, offer still stands. Im already green so this will probably be the easiest trade ever )


03-07-2008 11:55:48

I could use a ref for sony.v-bux. Did you ok that trade with v.bux?
What other sites are you offering. I cannot do either of those trainn sites, already have


03-07-2008 12:21:24

Yah vbux is ready to roll with trading my refferal. I have the 2 sites shown plus nintendowii4free, freeistuff, and something else i cant remember. You wanna trade


07-07-2008 10:24:46

Offer is still on the table