Lets see if we can help each other one way or another

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31-05-2008 14:07:12

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[bb7fe72de69]Avoid going red and having to refund your payment[/bb7fe72de69]

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[color=greenb7fe72de69]Please be patient when waiting on credits, what the offer
says is not always the case in how fast they credit.[/colorb7fe72de69]

[bb7fe72de69]Offering $25 on green for this one credit site, or possibly can do a g4g for it
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Always check out the offers first to make sure you see some you can do
before you confirm the trade in the trade manager I can not cancel them
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I am on several forums and my highest trade can be seen on another
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[color=redb7fe72de69]If you go red and I paid you for a green[/colorb7fe72de69] [color=maroonb7fe72de69](your freebie site
account placed on hold)for any reason, you agree to refund me via
paypal in 48 hours. If you go red on my site and I am green on yours you need to pay me half of what the site pays you for the green I gave you.

[color=crimsonb7fe72de69][b]PLEASE NOTE FOR ALL TRADES
1)You MUST register at the site and confirm in the trade manager within 24 hours.
2)You MUST complete all offers on the site within 48 hours.
3)You MUST keep me informed if there are delays in greening at the site.
4)You MUST be paypal verified to receive payment, NO EXCEPTIONS.
5) If you have stopped communicating with me and not green within 7 days I will try to contact you and you have another
7 days to reply, if not I reserve the right to cancel the trade.

all greens will be verified.


31-05-2008 15:05:30

I will trade with you,

I need yourfreevideoipods.com


01-06-2008 07:15:55

I have already cashed that site out, sorry but if you had dvdrecorders4free or yourfreeiphone then we could trade


05-06-2008 07:34:12

anyone ???


12-06-2008 23:42:03