Free Ipod Touch For Everyone - Using Awesome Rotator Techniq

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26-05-2008 16:59:31


If you want a Free Ipod Touch From , you can use this Method. This is Legit and is Proven to work!. This is a rotator, it works


The rotator is the premier way to get all of your referrals for Trainn sites. All you have to do is sign up, complete your offer, and then watch your referrals start to grow.

Unlike a conga line you do not have to wait inline behind every one else to start getting referrals. Every one in rotator has an equal chance of getting a referral at any given time. We insert every ones referral link in to the rotator, then when some one clicks on the link it brings up one of the those programmed links. Every time the link is clicked on the rotator rotates so the next link will be brought up next.

So when you click on the link to sign up, you will be getting referred by some one who is already in that given rotator. That is how it all works.

Available Rewards

8gb iPod Touch - 5 Referrals
$350 Cash - 7 Referrals
$350 Apple Card - 7 Referrals
16gb iPod Touch - 8 Referrals
32gb iPod Touch - 10 Referrals



When you sign up there are a couple of things you need to know and do or you will not be added.

You must have a credit card or have access to one. So if you do not have one or do not intend to complete your one offer, then please do not sign up. It will result in infractions on this forum.

When you sign up you must post ALL the following info in the following format, or you will not be added to the rotator with no questions asked.

- The referral number you were referred by --- To find this see your Reffer, when signing up
- Your email address you signed up under --- Email used on freebie site.
- The name of the offer you completed. --- Whatever offer you did to go green.
- Your referral link --- Found on your progress page of freebie site.


Once you are in the rotator you also must be an active member of the site almost on a daily basis. We require everyone to confirm ALL sign ups and offer completions through the forum. If you do not your link will be removed from the rotator.
If you have a pending confirmation for longer than 3 days, then your links will be removed. Infractions may also be applied if need be.
Do not post up any email address' that has signed up under you, until they have posted first. If they never post, then consider it a free green, without putting some one in the rotator for it.
Do not EVER post in here unless you are posting your sign up, or you are confirming one. If you have any questions about anything you can start a new topic in the General Freebie and Rotator Talk forum, where it belongs.
Any one that goes red on a site will have ALL of there links removed from the rotator. They do find out and you will go red if you try to cheat the system. You will also receive a major infraction on the site.

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Click on the pic above to join the rotator [IGNORE THE TOP ADVERTISMENT]

But be sure to Sign up through that Link .

Referral links that are currently in the rotator!

Be Fast , Sign up now and Get yours On it! Even Faster! , - Read ALL


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a) You get permission from another mod (besides me) to do this.
b) Another mod reads this thread and decides to unlock it.