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09-05-2008 15:38:37

Didn't see a place where to register as a new site so I guess it's ok to post here?

Anyway, I'm a new site called offering the newest offers and cash as well as gift cards. Every offer is half credit so you don't hassel with signing up for 5 or 10 offers. Speed is the game!

Anyone interested in getting free greens (credit), just PM me or e-mail at, and as a promotional offer I'll give you free credit. All you need to do after that is get referrals and that should be easy money!

God Bless![=http//]


09-05-2008 15:56:18


ibt move


09-05-2008 17:35:14

Please do not spam the forum. You can post about your site once in the Other Freebie Sites forum section, and if you wish to have your own dedicated forum, contact me or any one of the staff for details.