Need YourNintendoWii can do almost any site! Last ref!

Live forum:


09-05-2008 15:00:05

I need one more ref for yournintendowii4free. I need them to go green asap. I can do almost any site just PM me and I can see. Based on TR if you are less than me you go first otherwsie I go first. You must be green by Saturday or Sunday for this to work. If not we can talk about it. Please PM me thanks.


10-05-2008 04:55:16

Come on! I really need this!


10-05-2008 19:27:28

You have to initiate the trade so I can start. I will do an offer instantly, but you know as well as I know that sometimes the site may take a while to credit you. I will complete the offer, but no 100% guarantee that I will be credited. We shall see.