G4G on any site

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02-05-2008 14:17:03

Hi, I am offering to G4G on anysite not listed below.

liI need referrals on these sites, PM me for trade or post hereli

laptops.yourgiftsfree.com (1 credit)
laptops.freepay.com (1 credit)
ipods.freepay.com (1 credit)


08-05-2008 04:57:37

Hi. I might be interested in your site. I am new here also, but not to trading. I have been on FLR for a year almost. Can you send me a link of your site so I can check out the offers and see if I can green for ya?


08-05-2008 13:15:14

YGF is currently updating with new offers, they should be back soon. I am still interested in the trade. I will PM you when they open back up.


13-05-2008 18:55:47



02-07-2008 08:27:10

hi there i am new to this site and want to trade with you. My site is freepay and i can only do freepay. Please reply ASAP and lets start trading!

thanks, crow111


02-07-2008 11:32:49

interested. Send PM with link to the offers page on your sites and we'd go from there. Thanks