My 1 site for 1-3 of your iPhone site!!

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01-05-2008 06:49:06

I own http//

Its number one on Google for the Keywords "free iphone"(w/out the quotes).

In the month of April alone, I've gotten 3618 unique visits. An average of 200 a day. (PROOF http//

I used the site to finish (PROOF http//

I got 6 greens in 1 month (April, PROOF http// You can see from the image, I got 3 the first 15 days and 3 more the next 15 days and 1 red (.

With that said, heres the deal, I can continue to use the site for more free iphone sites, but I'd like to get other free sites completed. So I'm offering to use your iPhone ref link for 15 days in exchange for a green on another site. You can get anywhere from 1-3 greens going with how it went for me. You can also get no greens bc I can't guarantee it, but I don't see that happening... I make money from the DIY link and the Google Ads so its not like I will stop optimizing and updating the site.

So in the nutshell, if you can go green for me on any of the sites below, I will add your ref link on http// for 15 days. Go green on 2 sites, get linked for 30 days and so on...

Sites Needed

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If this isn't allowed or anything, please let me know... I personally think its a great deal. You can really come up on your refs at the price of one...

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. If you're interested, go ahead and sign up using one of my links and let me know. Once you go green, I will add your link.

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04-05-2008 09:44:38

I've removed your reflinks and references to ratings on other sites. Consider this your thread bump and do not reply to my post or bump this thread until 24 hours have passed since my post. Please go over our rules as well. Thanks.