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27-04-2008 12:09:43

Can anyone do cash.zipnadazilch, cashrewards.git-r-free, or If so, PM me. I want to do trainn sites.


01-05-2008 16:29:50

if you're willing to do, i'd be willing to do one of those...if you post a list of offers on that site...


10-05-2008 11:29:55

I'm on 24hr restrictions so I can't pm you. I'll check out the site I can do for you and get back with you in a couple of hours so I can get started. I'm gonna put my trust in you because I normally go with traders you have at least a trade record of 6+.


12-05-2008 10:45:30

I don't need anyone else to do cash.freeforallmankind right now becUSE i HAVE THREE PEOPLE IN THE PPROCESS of completing it. If it takes too long for them to green, by the end of this week, then I'll be happy to let yuo do this site. In the meantime, have you done,, or Let me know so we can trade. I can do cash.zipnadazilchforyou. Let me know which one you can do for me and you can go ahead and set up the trade so I can get started.