I Need RocketBills Done~!@ R4R

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10-04-2008 17:22:19

[b7d407ffb24]I need Rocketbills to be completed for me. I will complete your site but there are some i cannot do....just send me your sites through PM and i'll tell you the ones i can do and cannot do....

If you're interested, please respond by typing 'interested' then PM me with your list of sites. [/b7d407ffb24][/color7d407ffb24]

[b7d407ffb24]OFFER LIST![/b7d407ffb24][/color7d407ffb24]

[b7d407ffb24]Alternatively, you could do this site instead....[/b7d407ffb24][/color7d407ffb24]

[b7d407ffb24]OFFER LIST![/b7d407ffb24][/color7d407ffb24]

[b7d407ffb24]If your TR is lower than mine, it is preferred that you go first as i'll follow...PM me if interested. )[/b7d407ffb24][/color7d407ffb24]


08-05-2008 07:53:15

I can do the anydollardeal, but can you do a 3 credit site if I throw in some extra Paypal? it is http//1080p.asafreebie.com/viewoffers.php


08-05-2008 18:35:50

Interested if you can do either the "free ipod touch" or "iphone" Trainn site.


10-05-2008 13:42:32

I'm interested in 50.dollardeal if you can do cash.freeforallmankind.com