Will green on any trainn site that I haven't already done!

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=74950


29-03-2008 14:40:48

I have not done the ipod nano one, or the ipod touch one, so if you need a green there, im the man for the job, I green within 30 minutes of communicating. Let me know please. Pm me with link


29-03-2008 18:31:23

hi im new and im interested in your post you made but what does green mean i know your not talking about the colour


30-03-2008 11:22:16

green means = when your offers gets credited


30-03-2008 16:32:49

oh now i know thanks


30-03-2008 17:55:21

^ You need to edit those referral links out of your signature. Read the rules.


08-05-2008 18:17:45

Hey there, if you still need a green... I can help you, if you can still do the ipod touch one. PM me.


08-05-2008 18:43:02

he's banned, bro.


08-05-2008 18:47:50

Yeah I noticed. Thanks though.