Have Your Trade Thread Stickied! --[UPDATE]--

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24-03-2008 22:34:41

The staff at FreeiPodGuide are now offering you the opportunity to have your trade thread stickied ("stuck" at the top of your desired forum in order to gain more exposure as it is not affected by other people posting and it being pushed down the page) for a very nominal fee of [b5c38c4478b]$5[/size5c38c4478b][/b5c38c4478b][/color5c38c4478b].

Subsequently we have changed the way that The Trading Post works.

1) We've divided the forum up into two separate forums. One for Cash Offers (you pay someone cash to green for you or you green for cash for someone else) and Trade Offers (you complete a site for someone else and they complete a site for you in return).
2) As previously mentioned you are now able to have your trade thread stickied at a cost of [b5c38c4478b]$5[/size5c38c4478b][/b5c38c4478b][/color5c38c4478b]. We're allowing 5 threads to be stickied in each of the two forums for a maximum of 48 hours and you can only have one thread between the two forums, not one in each.

We will be using a waiting list in order to give everyone a fair chance at having their thread stickied. Once your thread has expired it will be unstuck and drop back down into the regular threads. If you would like to have it stuck again you must send another request to StickyMod AFTER your current thread has expired.
[b5c38c4478b]Do not initiate trades with or attempt to trade with StickyMod; he is a Trading Post moderator only. Anyone caught PM Spamming, trying to initiate trades, setting up trades, asking to trade with StickyMod or anything else not related to stickies or the moderation of The Trading Post will be temp-banned for 14 days.[/b5c38c4478b][/color5c38c4478b]

[b5c38c4478b]Also, the same rules apply for these sticky threads (e.g. no friendly bumping and etc.).[/b5c38c4478b][/color5c38c4478b]

You may contact him regarding stickies, Trading Post violations, questions, reporting scammers, suggestions or anything else pertaining to The Trading Post/Trading. Remember you can also contact the other staff members with your questions also (excluding stickies).

[b5c38c4478b]To sticky your thread, you must[/color5c38c4478b][/b5c38c4478b][/size5c38c4478b]
1.) Create your trade thread.
2.) PM StickyMod[=http//forum.freeipodguide.com/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=34333]StickyMod a request with a link to your trade thread.
3.) Once your donation has been received and confirmed your thread will be stickied.

Feel free to PM any questions or concerns about the Trading Post to StickyMod (or any other moderator) at any time.

Please feel free to comment on this or offer tips or criticisms. We look forward to hearing from you!


15-04-2008 22:36:39



02-07-2008 17:01:25


You can now send larger payments to cover more days if you wish.[/colora9f911bc2b][/sizea9f911bc2b]


02-07-2008 17:25:57

I paid for sticky long time ago, but it was never stickied )


03-07-2008 14:13:40

Really? Why didn't you PM me about it? lol

I don't think I've ever messed up on a sticky before. Are you sure? PM me and we'll discuss it.

Edit -- Oh I just took a look and I just realized that you were going to be stickied but then FiPG went down for a while and there was some confusion. No worries, I'll make it up to you. ;)