Paypal Cash For Consoles.FreebieJeebies Signups

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15-01-2010 12:36:38

Hey Guys,

I currently have 7 greens on Consoles.FJ and am looking for 3 more to get my Xbox elite.

I'm not too sure what the going rate is here but considering the fact that offers on FJ are mostly free I would say that $20 is a good price for a referral.

As I am new here if you have a decent trade rating I will pay upfront, if not then you must go first, no excuses.

I have looked around the site and know how it all works and am sure that soon enough I will have a decent trader rating also.

I can pay by Paypal only, I do not have any other payment processors.

My Paypal account is a business, verified account.

You must go green before I pay if you do not have decent feedback.

If you are interested please reply or PM.

I am looking for quick transactions, no hassles or scammers.