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13-12-2009 08:00:41

Let's Shake Hands
http//comoxvalleyrealtor.ca/shake%20hands.jpg[" alt=""/imgb7fcc22e7e]

[img="b7fcc22e7e]http//noraagnow.files.wordpress.com/2009/01/bubble-people-shake-hands.jpg[" alt=""/imgb7fcc22e7e]

[size=18b7fcc22e7e]First, Let's understand each other[/sizeb7fcc22e7e]

I am here [bb7fcc22e7e]just like you[/bb7fcc22e7e] to make some money but also more to make friends and have fun. I've been in the freebie world for 2 years and [ub7fcc22e7e]I Am Not Going Anywhere[/ub7fcc22e7e]. I don't plan on scamming people and to be banned because I want to [bb7fcc22e7e]Be Here Long-term[/bb7fcc22e7e]. College life is my life right now and I am using this to help pay for my schooling. So I do have a purpose here and I believe you do too.
Common Sense Being Fair[/sizeb7fcc22e7e]

I pay you after you have gone green if you have a verified PayPal account.
If you don't have a verified paypal account, I'll have to pay you right after approval.
Let's be fair and [color=Redb7fcc22e7e]help each other out[/colorb7fcc22e7e]

Sites That I am Paying

40.PrizeFast $25
Paypal.PrizeFast $25
Apple.PrizeFast $35

Zeropricetags $25
Giftcards.Zeropricetags $25
Phones.Zeropricetags $25
Summer.Zeropricetags $25

Customfreebiez $25
Cameras.Customfreebiez $25
40.Macrobuck $25

Paypal.ZipNadaZilch $25
iPods.ZipNadaZilch $25
Cash.ZipNadaZilch $25
Games.ZipNadaZilch $35

Budget.ZipNadaZilch $12 (Only One Offer To Complete)

[color=Redb7fcc22e7e]Post on here if your interested or PM me and we'll start from there.[/colorb7fcc22e7e]