3 peeps can do any 4 1-offer/credit sites each Pm Offers

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03-12-2009 11:32:18

Well it's that time of the year, when we say "hey, i want christmas crap for free!"

Anyway, people I know owe me money, so I figure, why not get some trading going....

Here is what I'm offering

My friend & cousins (3 people total) will do ANY 4 sites each. They are wide open in terms of offers that they can do BUT I'm not asking them to do those .25 credit sites where it's 1 credit, but it takes 3-5 offers to get there.

They're willing to do sites like Trainn where they can do 1 offer & green. If need be, they'll do manual credit, and follow up everything to guarantee your green, and I'm putting my reputation up insuring that all will go well, just like I've done before. I hope no one thinks liIli traded 174 times on my own, yowza.

Anyway, like I said, each of them can do any site, with the exception of trainn's "giftcard" site cause I made 2 of them green for my mom on that one. Obviously, the new Trainn HDTV site is wide open, and in theory all 3 of them could green for one person if they wanted to finish the site quickly.

Make offers through PMs, but keep in mind, normal trade rules apply this means if your TR is lower than mine, you have to pay first. once paid, they will sign up and complete their offers within 24 hours.

Happy Christmas.


08-12-2009 12:17:42

Your Trainn's Flash Ipods are all gone

9 sites left

sandra habina

09-12-2009 20:21:48

PM sent - with more info,.


10-12-2009 13:29:05


In general though, for everyone, Trainn sites are going for $30


26-12-2009 01:12:08

ok, Trainn's Ipod Touch site is Gone!