If you offer 100% payout, YOU'VE GOT A GREEN!! GUARANTEED!!

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01-11-2009 20:11:30

[bdf613db4e8]To any legit dealer on this site, I am offering my automatic green if you are in desperate need of one. If you are offering to payout 100% upon green for the site you need completed, I can and will green for you within 48hrs.(the 48hrs is only for me to complete the needed amount of offers to green, however long it takes the site to update my status is on them) I have many sites that are still available for me to complete so please either pm me your 100% payout offer or post it in this thread. If your payout is not 100% on green I will mostly reject the trade. I'm totally serious on my offer and are looking for people that may only need one more green to collect their green. Take care[/colordf613db4e8][/bdf613db4e8][/sizedf613db4e8]


02-11-2009 19:56:57

Paying 100% on
1offer.freebiesgifts $20
40.freebiesgifts $40
60.freebiesgifts $60
100.freebiesgifts $100

Let me know, my AIM or YIM jcangri787

sandra habina

03-11-2009 05:15:20

hELLO - I AM paying 100% on all of my ZipNadaZilch sites.

I look forward to hearing from you. PM me anytime