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Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Steve and I live in Florida. It is very important to me to be a honest trader, offer high payouts, and pay out fast! I love trading here and will like to help you out any way I can.[/sizec3d013ef0a]

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lilililiIf you want to ask me a question, You can instant message me. I will be adding more IM services in the future, but right now I use Yahoo Instant messengerKstevenmoney[/colorc3d013ef0a][/sizec3d013ef0a]

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Easy As Pie.Git-R-Free -$20 - SUPER SUPER EASY

Budget.ZipNadaZilch - $20 - 1/2 CREDIT- SUPER SUPER EASY

Quick.ZipNadaZilch - $20 - 1/2 CREDIT - SUPER SUPER EASY

1.Your Freebiez- $20 - 1 CREDIT- SUPER SUPER EASY

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Pay The Bills.Git-R-Free -$45 - EASY

Cash Rewards.Git-R-Free -$30 - SUPER EASY

Offers 4 Me - $30 - 1 CREDIT- SUPER EASY

Big Cash.All Freebie World- $45 - 1 CREDIT- SUPER EASY

Bronze.freetreasurechest- $30 - 1 CREDIT- SUPER EASY

Gold.freetreasurechest- $65 - 1 CREDIT- EASY

PS3.As A Freebie- $35 - 1 CREDIT- EASY

More Cash.As A Freebie- $60 - 1 CREDIT- EASY

Easy Cash.As A Freebie- $30 - 1 CREDIT- SUPER EASY

Freebie City- $40 - 1 CREDIT- SUPER EASY

PS3.Swift Rewards- $45 - 1 CREDIT- EASY

Cash.Swift Rewards- $65 - 1 CREDIT- EASY

Mountain.Paradise Freebies- $45 - 1 CREDIT- EASY

On The Road.Paradise Freebies- $30 - 1 CREDIT- SUPER EASY

lilililililililililililililililililililililililiTERMS AND CONDITIONSlililililililililililililililililililililililililililililililili

li I Pay On GREEN. If there is a problem and I can't pay you right away when you turn green, I will contact you within 24 hours.
li If you go RED on a offer, you agree to refund me within 3 days.
li You must COMMUNICATE, if there is a problem or you have a question then let me know.
li You MUST be PayPal Certified before we begin to trade.


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