.25 paypal gifted for just putting in your name and email

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17-10-2009 14:12:47

PM for the link

It takes 30 seconds to sign up

This site takes a day to credit and when it dose i will send you

you do not have to buy anything

When you are done Pm your name and email

here is some internet feedback



17-10-2009 16:15:04

Not worth it. PayPal fees will eat that right up. How much do you profit anyway per sign up?


17-10-2009 16:58:07

[quote81b17622a4="Riches1981"]Not worth it. PayPal fees will eat that right up. How much do you profit anyway per sign up?[/quote81b17622a4]

what if it is gifted


17-10-2009 17:29:14

[quote6e634f3b11="JWZZR"][quote6e634f3b11="Riches1981"]Not worth it. PayPal fees will eat that right up. How much do you profit anyway per sign up?[/quote6e634f3b11]

what if it is gifted[/quote6e634f3b11]

You know, JWZZR, that's a good question that I have no answer to. I've learned that PayPal is weird. Don't know how PayPal looks at as "gifts" and how they choose to handle those in regards to fees. I've noticed that they sometimes take out fees and sometimes it doesn't even when you expect them to. I buy a lot of things online with PayPal. For example, I was short like 20 cents, just 20 cents for hosting I wanted to get. And so a family member sent me 20 cents from her PayPal account to mine to help me out. Well PayPal ate it all up -- every single penny. I was shocked. It was just 20 cents!

I had a situation where an affiliate network paid me $100 to my PayPal account. No fee was deducted at all. Another affiliate network paid me $100. Did PayPal deduct a fee from that payment? Yes. And the next month it happened again and the month after and the month after that no matter what the amount was. One payment from one company no fees were deducted while the other I incurred fees. Both accounts from which the payments were coming from showed as being verified and in the US. It happened with other verified companies and individuals. Some payments I incur no fees while others I do from verified accounts or not. PayPal is just weird. I don't know if anyone even realizes their random fee deductions on payments regardless what it is marked as. But I sure have and am just like whatever. PayPal will be PayPal and surprise people (sometimes in good and sometimes in bad ways).

As long as I've been with them from the moment they opened their doors years ago, I have never understood why they take out fees for some payments while others they don't.

Would 25 cents be worth signing up for a site that someone [u6e634f3b11]might[/u6e634f3b11] make 20 bucks on for my sign up? Then well no. haha. That's just being honest. What's your profit for my sign up or anyone's sign up? I couldn't find that information on the site you posted earlier.


19-10-2009 11:48:23

Its probably some sort of CPA offer (Cost Per Action) meaning the advertiser will pay him a certain amount for everyone he gets to just enter their name and email or whatever.

There's thousands of CPA offers out there that do this but the payouts are all different. Most likely for a simple name/email submit he will get like $2-$4 or so.

Anyway JWZZR, you're probably not gonna get too many people on these forums who actually want to sign up plus this forums been pretty dead recently. You should try some other form of advertising such as PPC campaigns and what not. You would be surprised how much money people make with these CPA offers (or maybe you already know) just by using PPC and a few other marketing tactics.

Good luck.