Will do any Iphone site for paypal.

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27-09-2009 04:00:30

So, I'm about to begin my quest for an Iphone. I haven't yet signed up for any of the Iphone sites. So I figure I might as well eke out a little something for the initial signup.

I figure that it's worth $25 paypal?

The fine print

1. I live in the US, so if there's a site that requires residence in another country, I can't do it.

2. If the site [ibb7e6439e2]requires[/ibb7e6439e2] me to sign up for an offer that costs something up front, your offer must exceed that amount by at least $25.

3. I'll guess I'll wait 3 days or so before accepting an offer. If I get more than one offer, I'll go with whoever has the best trading record (although greater sums offered may also play a part twisted ).

4. I'll green 1st only for those who have a trade record of [bbb7e6439e2]10[/bbb7e6439e2].