Looking to do 1 offer sites

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21-09-2009 09:59:41

I'm looking at getting back into the game of freebies and want to try out a site...

I'll green for you for a good payout, not some low crap one, for a 1 offer site... Preferably one with low referrals needed to finish so I can start small.

sandra habina

21-09-2009 12:54:32

Hey - I have just what you need. PM me anytime

1 offer site - pays $25 + $5 bonus for Sept. and it is 1 ref cashout repeatable. You can check my thread also.


21-09-2009 18:12:30



25-09-2009 18:36:37

Hey, are u still looking to do one credit sites?
$20 flashipods4free
Only 1 offer to green


27-09-2009 14:16:20

Hey! I have the new TRAINN site Yourfreezunehd

Only 1 offer to green ( I did it in about 5 miutes)

Get it while it's hot! Won't last long. idea


29-09-2009 22:36:11

did a site for h3x... looking to do another.

if i didn't reply to you at first it probably wasn't paying high enough.


30-09-2009 06:05:38

Here is my trade thread. There are one offer sites in there.