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09-09-2009 08:45:57

[b0da73ae62a]Hello everyone,[/b0da73ae62a] My name is Alex and i'm a comeback freebie addict. I worked a lot back in 07-08.
Unfortunately under the circumstances back then I could not continue, but now I'm back just to take a peak,
but then i realize that the freebie movement is better than ever.
All together I am very happy with what I see, and I am ready to commit myself to this business.

I believe in helping a new member out in all ways, no matter what. Through MSN, or Yahoo messeger, I will walk you through
your first trade, answer any questions you might have, help you for your future trades, and most importantly
build a relationship in which both of us benefit. I like to think big, and getting referrals is fun, and challenging,
but also a small piece of a big picture, or a vision in my head, related to affiliate marketing and the freebie world.

Sadly I cannot login to my older account, which is very unconvinient for me, because as you all know, starting out with 0TR is hard to do. Not going to brag and say I had 200++TR on the other one, i simply had 30+ possitive trades, well to compensate you with the low TR....[/size0da73ae62a]

I will make the following claim Latino2dcore has got the highest payouts[/size0da73ae62a] for you,[/color0da73ae62a] 2 simple sites
from a very familiar and trusted network

zeropricetags[/size0da73ae62a]--->[i0da73ae62a]$25+$10BONUS(If greened within 24Hrs)=$35 [/i0da73ae62a][/color0da73ae62a]Upon Approval[/color0da73ae62a][/size0da73ae62a]
cash.zeropricetags[/size0da73ae62a]--->[i0da73ae62a]$25+$10BONUS(If greened within 24Hrs)=$35[/i0da73ae62a] [/color0da73ae62a]Upon Approval[/color0da73ae62a][/size0da73ae62a]

liWill recommend the better offers, and quickest, crediting wise.

PM me, and let me know as soon as you want to set up a trade, thanks for taking the time to read my information, and I hope to work with you soon.


16-09-2009 12:00:57