Will complete your TRAINN, ForceBucks etc. Contact me now.

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29-07-2009 01:48:12

Hi there. )

[b6c8c801c94]I can be YOUR solid green referral. I'm online and ready today.[/size6c8c801c94][/color6c8c801c94][/b6c8c801c94]

Please post here or send me all of your offers for ONE credit sites only. The highest offer for any site will most certainly get my attention and my green.

I can do some TRAINN sites. Got sites that are easy 1 credit sites like TRAINN? I can do those, too. Basically, the less offers I need to do to for one full credit, the better. I can even do ForceBucks and other sites.

Just post or pm me your offers or contact me on YIM. I'm online right now and ready to do a site for someone.

Thanks. )


31-07-2009 12:30:10

Contact me if you are interested in completing an offer at www.giftmonkey.com i am looking for good greens. And i pay $30 for a green by the way and on this site greens are as easy as they come. So email= me at email=scottpulkowski@gmail.comscottpulkowski@gmail.com me at email=scottpulkowski@gmail.comscottpulkowski@gmail.com/email or just PM me for further details or if you have something else to negotiate.


16-08-2009 06:58:23

Open for business again. Who wants my green? Send me your sites and your best offer to be [be67526bb7e]your green referral.[/be67526bb7e][/colore67526bb7e] But only contact me, if you agree with my signature below. Thanks.[/sizee67526bb7e]


16-08-2009 12:11:29

Check out my trade thread. There are multiple 1 offer sites.

sandra habina

16-08-2009 13:31:54

Glad to work with you. I have a few one offer sites and trainn too.

Freddy Fred

21-08-2009 12:02:41

I need refs for yourfreenetbook and yourcamera on TRAINN. PM me if interested. Thanks