Help me bolster my poker bankroll!!

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24-07-2009 19:50:50

Heya guys and girls,

I am a noob here at FIpG and want to get into the freebie scene for a few reasons. So, I am looking for a few things and hope to build a trustworthy partnership with those of you who are looking for help in completing your own offers.

Anyways...I am actually looking to build up a small bankroll for tournament poker (approx $3500) that I want to earn by October. I figured I would sell myself "going green" in exchange for paypal money and also attempt to claim some of the offers for Paypal money offered by the companies. Also, I would appreciate a mentor working with me in the "freebie" world as I seem to have a good understanding of how it all operates but I am a bit hesitant to just dive in. I actually tried one of those ipod offers years ago, but gave up due to frustration and not being able to get reliable referrals. Maybe you can guide me thru the process so I don't mess it up?

PM if interested.

Thanks! D

sandra habina

24-07-2009 22:06:58

WELCOME Kungfooey - I would be glad to work with you and answer any questions for you.


26-07-2009 08:19:56

Hi there,

I would be happy to work with you. Please feel free to PM me any question you might have.