$50 to go green for me

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10-07-2009 10:29:05

[bb3971bfaf3]Hey guys, I'm offering a green for cash opportunity today.

Go green for me and I'll wire you $50 through PayPal, no gimmicks, no strings.

PM me or email= me at email=ctuwepsguy@yahoo.comctuwepsguy@yahoo.com me at email=ctuwepsguy@yahoo.comctuwepsguy@yahoo.com/email and I'll send you the link.
Use your PayPal email to email me and sign up for the site.



10-07-2009 13:53:13

Most usually do private messages and the TR module but whatever floats your boat.

Remember people, if you do trades outside the normal rules and regulations we mods aren't going to help you out if you get scammed.


10-07-2009 21:48:24

That works too. I'm not picky, it's just that I check my email fairly often, but I see that PM's give email notification, so it's cool.


11-07-2009 11:45:20

Which site?


11-07-2009 18:59:17

I sent you a PM with the site info. Get back with me if you didn't receive the message and link.

For everyone out there, offer's still good for $50 PayPal cash for an easy green.

Thanks for your interest, and have a great rest of the weekend.


12-07-2009 00:25:45

could you send some info please in pm


12-07-2009 11:25:47

Absolutely, I've just sent you a PM with the link.

Thanks for your interest and have a great rest of the weekend!