I need $15 to $50 fast. Send me your sites & offers.

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07-07-2009 10:04:53

I would prefer to do non cc offers. However, will do cc offers only if you will provide a prepaid card for me to do that and I'll use that card to do the offers. Send me your offers or post them here. I'll be online all day.


07-07-2009 10:22:04

not too many noncc offers left...


07-07-2009 10:45:53

Doesn't have to be new noncc offers. Thing is I've never done noncc sites. So old or new noncc offers/sites - doesn't matter to me because I can do both. ) If anyone wants me to do a cc offer, then you'll have to provide the prepaid card/gift card for me to do it. I'd be completing only offers I have a genuine interest in. I need a little cash right now, but still picky. ;) Hey, at least you don't have to worry about a fraudulent referral.


07-07-2009 10:51:22

That's true, except I think it is against the terms of most sites to use prepaid cc's...
Not positive though.


07-07-2009 11:24:45

Not positive? Well maybe it's for new sites or something? Because when I was really active long ago in the industry, that wasn't the case. I, personally, had used prepaid cards a lot and even stuck with offers using some of the prepaid cards (well then it was reloadable card, too) given to me. So if the companies/advertisers whose offers are on these freebie sites do not allow prepaid cards to be used, then fine. But for the sites where the advertisers offers listed do allow prepaid cards to be used then I'm all for it. But will only engage in a trade for cc offers if I'm presented with a prepaid card to use. ;)

Once I make the money I need, this thread will be closed. In the meantime, I'm going over to another forum in a different industry to see if I can make the money I need writing articles or something. Again, this thread will be closed as soon as I get the cash I need.

So to anyone and everyone send me your offers quick or miss out. Only take one trade really to make what I need. Thanks.


16-07-2009 20:59:06

Simple no cc sites. not like any other on this site. Very simple and FREE!

I do have cc offers ($2-$5) per offer. If you want MORE MONEY!

contact me!


17-07-2009 06:11:58

Well, I've actually made the money I needed already doing something else outside the freebie industry. Just forgot to close this thread. I may still be willing to do no cc sites if the price is right. Depends since now I don't need the cash. Just send me what you have and your offer, then I'll check 'em out and will let you know yes or no. I'm on YIM so get at me. That goes for cc sites as well. If the price is right, you've got my business. Make your offer worth my while. Contact me on YIM. Thanks.