Filling out offers!

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06-07-2009 17:45:07

I am filling out offers! If you want me as a referral just pm me or reply to this post!

sandra habina

07-07-2009 03:43:34

I would love to have you do some sites for me.

I have some easy 1 offer sites and more higher paying that require 2-4 offers. PM me anytime or best way is yahoo messenger

mikayla101499 or AIM FreeSpree Sandy


07-07-2009 18:25:18



07-07-2009 18:36:03

Hey. Check out my trade thread and then let me know if anything interests you.



16-07-2009 20:57:01

if you are in the USA, I have many (10 or more) non-credit card offers that pay well.

I have some low $$$ cc offers ($2-$5) pays $10-$15 per offer.

Different than other offers here!

Hit me up FAST!