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08-06-2009 20:31:18

Getting Started[/size45207903bc]

Hi! My name is Mitch, and I'm a Project Payday Mentor.
I have been involved in freebie trading for over a year, and want to help you on your path to success.
Don't let my low trade rating here fool you, I have completed over 130 trades on other forums in the past 4 months, with 100% positive feedback.
I can answer any questions you have right away, and we can start making money in less than an hour, I promise!
Take a look at what other people have to say about working with me![="http//www.freelunchroom.com/board/itrader.php?u=145043"]working with me!
I will always pay instantly on green, and you will make more than I do on every trade.
I also offer bonuses for multiple greens.
If you have any questions please Private Message me!
I will be more than happy to help you out.
Let's make some money!

Starter Package

PrizeRocket----> $20
Iphone.ZNZ----> $25
Cameras.InnovusNet----> $30
Bigcash.ZNZ----> $35
Sony.V-Bux----> $60
$145/Referral.MoneyBonanzas----> $80
$250 + Bonus Site! If you complete CashRewards.Git-R-Free after these you will receive $30 instead of the base $20!

$250 + $30 = $280

My Condensed Site List!


Budget.ZNZ----> $12
Quick.ZNZ----> $12
Easy.ZNZ----> $15----> Just 1 Offer!
Cash.ZNZ----> Was $20----> Now $25!
Ipods.ZNZ----> Was $20----> Now $25!
Iphone.ZNZ----> Was $20----> Now $25!
Playstation.ZNZ----> Was $20----> Now $25!
Paypal.ZNZ----> Was $20----> Now $25!
Wii.ZNZ----> Was $20----> Now $25!
BigCash.ZNZ----> Was $30----> Now $38!


Food.V-Bux----> $15
QuickNEasy.V-Bux----> $20
MyDorm.V-Bux----> $25
Logitech.V-Bux----> Was $30----> Now $35!
Bose.V-Bux----> Was $40----> Now $50!
Sont.V-Bux----> Was $50----> Now $60!


One2Green----> $18
Cameras----> $25
Home----> $25
Ipods----> $25

Lots of Great Offers!----> $35


EasyasPie----> $12
CashRewards----> $20
MakeRHappy----> $130

Super Quick Starter Site!----> $20

Fenominal Freebies
Great support! Lots of offers!----> $30

Description of Bonuses

For every site you green with me after the first, you will receive a $5 bonus added on to any promos I am having that month =)

June Promo!For the month of June, every green you get with me will have a 20% bonus on top of the bonuses I already have!

TraInn----> One offer sites, $20 each!
YourFreeIphone----> What I'm currently working on, more will be added when this one is complete! - If we have not done a trade together before this will be paid on approval.
Please PM me about these!!

I have many more sites than the ones listed here, please PM me if you have questions about them!

So there you have it, more and more sites will continue to be added. Please send me a Personal Message. I look forward to hearing from you!

I also reserve the right to pay on approval for every trade.