Mod wants to do a good site where he can get ~$200 paypal...

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31-05-2009 20:14:03

Hey guys/gals. I want to do a site real quick where I can make about $200 paypal fairly quickly and easily with nice fun offers. ^_^ Suggestions?

[bf9e28e156b]The Rules[/colorf9e28e156b][/bf9e28e156b]

- Please don't PM me about it but rather just post here telling me why I should do your site. I'll PM you if I'm interested. I'm not up for a flood of private messages at the moment. ;)
- Please don't get me started with a site that has ridiculous offers that are total turnoffs for my referrals.

Thanks! D


01-06-2009 04:19:04

Ok, well have you considered any git-r-free site? they have over 400 offers for us+cad+aus+uk people and crediting is really good. For offer lisT

If not, the ZNZ sites are very good too.
Offer List

lili ah yes, almost forgot, I can pay you 30$ on green for either. those are 40$ sites. lili

sandra habina

01-06-2009 05:13:19

I have to agree with Condra - git -r-free has the most offers with some cool gadgets as seen on TV. I have several of their sites.

I have a newer site for me but just a few cool offers. Pays $180 for 3 refs. http//


01-06-2009 05:41:59

The new ZPT site (one.zeropricetags) only requires .5 credit and pay $25 per ref.


04-06-2009 20:47:40

Hey , if your interested I have a few good sites
$25 Yourfreenetbook
$25 yourfreeistuff
$20 1.yourfreebiez

All one offer to green.


05-06-2009 20:37:03

I have a TRAINN site-and will pay you [b5e9224baa0]$35[/b5e9224baa0]
only 1 offer to green.


06-06-2009 11:34:09

Hi there,

I have bunch of sites with good offers. My favorites are the ZNZ because they offer guaranteed credits for the offers so chances are that you can green within minutes. They also have quite a big list of offers.
Here are some of my offers (all sites are 1 credit to green)

http// - $45 - Guaranteed credit
http// - $27
http// - $27 - Guaranteed credit
http// - $27 - Guaranteed credit
http// $27 -free offers
http// -$25

http// - $20 - one offer to green
http// -$17 - Guaranteed credit - 0.5 credit site
http// - $17

If you are interested just PM or e-mail and I will get back to you shortly.


15-06-2009 11:02:42

I have am paying $85.00 and you can green with as little as two to three offers. I am also paying $$ for and other Trainn sites. Thanks.