Let me pay you upfront!!!!

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=78794


14-05-2009 06:19:24

Hey, I will pay u upfront BEFORE you green.

I'm also paying $5 bonus for instant greens.

Yourfreeistuff (1st priority) $25
1.yourfreebiez $20
Yourfreenetbook $20
Flashipods4free $20
3604free $20
Easy.zipnadazilch $20
Giftcard.forcebucks $25


14-05-2009 22:12:45

I know we already have a trade going, but I'll green your 3604free site for $20. Or do I have to meet a TR requirement, to get the money upfront? Please PM me.