You Get 1/3 of the Reward! Pay on Green, up to $100!

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18-04-2009 17:41:08

Hey all, I've got 3 OGF sites that need referrals.

For OGF Wii, you will receive $13.33
For OGF Paypal, you will receive $26.66
For OGF Computers, you will receive $40

The easier the site, the less you receive;D

As a warning, you will be payed on green, but if you go red at any point, you must redo the offers and go green again, because you would be at fault. Failure to reply or refund will result in banishment from this site; I've been scammed many times, and I will not have it.

PM me if you have any questions, and thanks!

Here are the sites

[b2a0581b9ab]NO REF LINKS[/b2a0581b9ab][/color2a0581b9ab]


19-04-2009 21:38:31

Ah yes, if you finish all three sites, I'll round your total and give you a solid $100! Easy money!


19-04-2009 22:06:37

Read the rules, try again. D