Looking to green on these sites.....

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08-04-2009 08:45:22

Hey Guys,

I am looking to green on the following sites, let me know if you have it and how much your paying please.

i am looking for the Freecashtube.com networks, in particular, I am looking for


Let me know how much.

I am not new, did a few trades on this board in early December. One guy still has not paid me yet, thegame444 , i went green for him in Dec or Jan on a site, and have not heard back from him. Please do not do this to me again. Thanks.


09-04-2009 07:22:33


They dont give free greens unless you have got a invitations from them for the certified member program, otherwise I would just get a free green and post for trades here.....


09-04-2009 08:55:24

How much do you want?


09-04-2009 09:54:16

They will pay you $50. I would like to get paid similar to your other $50 site offers.

you can tell me what you are offering


10-04-2009 12:30:07

I have sent you a pm