Get $$$ For Greens! Come One Come All...Newbs Welcome!

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16-03-2009 14:13:14

To start let's give you a bit of contact info about me

Cell # is (910) 986-0355 - Name is Simon

Get paid by a veteran. Been doing this for over 2 years and I'm back paying for greens on the following sites - $17 per point for as many points as you want this can be a big money maker and the points are easy! - $55 for a green. - $55 for a green - $45 for a green

I will add further opportunities and if you would like to get paid to do a particular site let me know and I will see if we can work it out.

Please by all means let me know if you have questions and I have even provided my cell # in case you have any doubts or questions or whatever.

Let's get this going people.


17-03-2009 07:19:50

I need more greens. Paying well.


19-03-2009 07:11:06

Greens needed


19-03-2009 12:39:22

Im VERY new to this. Im interested in being a referral in exchange for cash. How can I get started?