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04-03-2009 14:54:46

Hi. My name is Joel.
If you are looking to make money fast, I have some great one referral sites that pay $22-50 on green. These sites are repeatable.

Some of the sites i am working on are

100.macrobucks - i pay 55 for green
Yourhugerewards - 35 for green
60.macrobucks - 30 for green
prizepanda - 25 for green
zerocostfreebies - 22 for green
youripodtouchfree - 1 easy offer = 1 credit = 25 for you
giftcards.wish4free - 22 for green (lots of free and low cost offers)

I am newbie friendly and dedicated to helping referrals succeed.
The more i can help you the better for both of us!
If you are intrested in any of these sites just respond to this post or send me a pm and I will get back to you soon! 8)