Looking to start a few sites

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01-03-2009 12:33:43

Like the topic says, prefer sites where the offers all arnt 10 bucks, also I do instant offers if I can but can't gurantee, tr rules apply pm me


01-03-2009 13:02:37

How about any of the InnovusNet sites.

I am paying $35 for Cameras, GiftCards, Gifts, and LCDs. They are all 1 credit paying $50 per ref.

I am also paying $20 for One2Green. 1 credit 1 offer site that pays $30 per ref.

Let me know.


19-03-2009 10:13:13

Would you do free4me.net?

It is $30/ref and I will pay you $20 to go green


19-03-2009 12:09:27

hi i am doing bigcash.zipnadazilch..60.00 a ref im giving 35.00 its a one credit site


20-03-2009 14:47:47

I need ref's on three Trainn sites. yourfreeiphone.com, youripodnano4free, and yourgiftcards4free.com

I also need referrals on other sites, such as forcebucks, rocketbills and cash.freeforallmankind.

Paying top dollar for your referral. let me know if you are interested. Thanks.