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22-02-2009 17:08:50

Hello, thankyou for coming! I have alot of easy sites i am working on. I've been here (ppd) for a year. I am honest. I will help you go green. You need a verified paypal account before you start. If you need my help let me know. You can message me here or on yahoo. My yahoo id is redmidas1975. Please don't sign up on these sites yet, you need my referral link to get paid.

There is computer setup involved to complete offers. Turn off popup blockers, turn off firewalls, and antivirus programs.

Use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox Browsers, which also need to be setup. I will walk you through the browser setup, just ask me and i'll help.

If you go red i will expect a full refund.

You must be paypal verified to be paid on green.

I pay within 24 hours of green.

Very Easy Sites
http//pocketchange.ourloot2boot.com = $10.00
http//easygreen.expressbux.com = $12.00
http//paypal.zipnadazilch.com = $20.00
http//cash.zipnadazilch.com = $20.00
http//apple.zerocostfreebies.com = $20.00
http//40.forcebucks.com = $20.00
http;//hugecashout.wish4free.com = $25.00

NOCC Sites
http//allfree.customfreebiez.com = $5.00
http//nocc.prizeoasis.com = $6.00

I have even more sites upon request. I also have 1 offer sites to green on. )


23-02-2009 16:53:57