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20-02-2009 14:13:01

Looking to be paid for getting green. First timer...need a bit of guidance.


20-02-2009 14:26:15

[quote9d6a200c78="BenGod"]Looking to be paid for getting green. First timer...need a bit of guidance.[/quote9d6a200c78]

Hi BenGod,

I would be happy to help you get started and I have many EZ beginners sites. Just pm me if you would like to trade.



20-02-2009 14:47:52

Hey. Check out my trade thread. There is a nice little guide in there for new people. http//

Let me know if anything interests you.


Freddy Fred

20-02-2009 18:17:48

PM me for assistance and cash offer

sandra habina

20-02-2009 19:09:37

Welcome - I would be glad to help you get started making money tonite. PM sent


20-02-2009 19:22:29

hello and welcome ..i would be glad to help yuo in me anytime


21-02-2009 09:24:55

I'd be glad to help jump start you in the freebie world. You can check my thread out and PM me anytime at your convenience =)


22-02-2009 09:06:39

Hello! Welcome and have a great trading here

I know you get lots of offers but here is what I can offer you, if you decide to work with me
li Easy to follow step by step instructions.
li Support by messenger
li Easy sites that only take 1 or 2 offers to green.
li Super fast payment on green.
li A good strategy for long term success.
li Bonuses for repeat business.

PM me anytime with any question you might have.


22-02-2009 10:05:40

Pm u with some offer


16-07-2009 21:03:33

Simple no cc sites. not like any other on this site. Very simple and FREE!

I do have cc offers ($2-$5) per offer. If you want MORE MONEY!

contact me!