Canadian-centric Wii.GivAFree - $20 for you

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19-02-2009 18:47:26

Hey there,

I'm offering a cool $20US through PayPal for anyone who gets pre-approved (goes green, and has the site owner confirm the green) on[=http//]

GivAFree is a Quebec-based site that tailors to the Canadian freebie community.

For your offer (provided you're a Canadian user), I recommend the "" offer - $2.95 cost for you, and greens in 10 minutes. So, $20 - $2.95 = $17.05 in your pocket (minus any PayPal fees, of course). Plus, Wii.GivAFree is a 1-credit site, so once you've done that offer, you're good to go.

I look forward to doing business with you,



20-02-2009 11:54:48

Set me up for a trade )