I Love To Help All... 27$ For yourfreegiftcards.com. paypal!

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17-02-2009 04:59:30

[b769dc15516]I am paying 27 dollars upon green for youfreegiftcards.com. [/b769dc15516][/size769dc15516][/color769dc15516]
if you red then I am assuming a refund 48 hours after being notified that you went red.

[b769dc15516]send me a PM on here and we can set this up. I don't mind helping anyone who is new to this figure out what to do. If you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask.

Also in the PM please include your paypal email address and what your interested in exactly. that way it is easier to stay organized. I will then send you my link to the above site and once you green for me you will get paid.

I am not going to include a super mass amount of information on my posts. I think it scares people who are new to this and makes things generally more confusing. So one offer per posted thread by me. This way we both know what we are getting.

Also I check my email throughout the day.... so if I dont get back to you in 5 secs I promise I WILL get back to you.

So the last thing and most important.... MAKE MONEY!!!![/b769dc15516]