I am interested in completing TRAINN sites

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12-02-2009 15:48:04

Hello - here is the list of TRAINN sites Ive already completed


That leaves quite a few I havent completed yet. If you need a green on any of the others - please lmk with a PM. Happy to set up a trade. Thanks - billy


12-02-2009 16:23:48

Hey. Can you do yourfreenetbook?

Freddy Fred

20-02-2009 10:55:27

Can you do Trainn's Camera site?


20-02-2009 20:15:50

[b463984b8a9]Hello! Welcome and have a great trading here
I know you get lots of offers but here is what I can offer you, if you decide to work with me
li Easy to follow step by step instructions.
li Support by messenger
li Easy sites that only take 1 or 2 offers to green.
li Super fast payment on green.
li A good strategy for long term success.
li Bonuses for repeat business.
Click on my signature link and if you see something that interests you, you can contact me by clicking on my nick and sending me a private message. I hope to hear from you![/b463984b8a9]

sandra habina

21-02-2009 01:04:19

Welcome Billy - I would be glad to work with you. PM sent with more info